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Spring is finally here!

It’s hard to believe, but it's been just 2 months since we launched the new web site.  You’ve already reserved more than 20,000 posts in these few short weeks.  It looks like it’s shaping up to be a great trap shooting season!

We having been listening to your feedback, and have already made hundreds of small tweaks and changes.  We also know that there are a couple of missing features that we didn’t think anyone cared about.  We’ll continue to do our best to improve the website and help make our sport more economical and efficient.  Please remember that your support is vital to keeping the targets flying and this website running.  Pitch in at your club and buy a hat from our website… and above all, if you love trap shooting, make sure you thank the tireless volunteers and workers that make it all happen.

Shoot well and break'em all!

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Upcoming Shoots

1st Annual Canby Buckle Shoot 5/8/2015 -
Canby Rod & Gun Club, OR PreSquad Now!
May Day 5/10/2015 -
Chillicothe Sportsmen's Club, IL PreSquad Now!
2015 Missouri State Shoot 5/11/2015 -
Missouri Trapshooters Assn., MO PreSquad Now!
2015 South Carolina State Championships 5/13/2015 -
South Carolina Trapshooting Association, SC PreSquad Now!
Inland Empire Handicap 5/14/2015 -
Inland Empire Trapshooting Association, WA PreSquad Now!
TTA Zone IV Championship 5/15/2015 -
Fort Worth Trap and Skeet Club, TX PreSquad Now!
2015 Nevada State PITA Shoot 5/15/2015 -
Nevada State PITA, NV PreSquad Now!
2015 British Columbia Provincial Championships 5/15/2015 -
British Columbia Trapshooting Assn., BC PreSquad Now!
May Shoot 5/17/2015 -
Berthoud Gun Club, CO PreSquad Now!
Cheyenne/Laramie Over the Hill Shoot 5/17/2015 -
Cheyenne Trap & Skeet Club, WY PreSquad Now!
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